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Why Isn’t My Boiler Heating My Cincinnati Home?

Dec 22, 2015
Cincinnati Residential Boilers | Nelson Comfort

Many Cincinnati homeowners utilize boilers to provide heat throughout the winter. These systems are well-liked by homeowners because they have fewer moving parts than furnaces, which typically translates to a longer service life and fewer repair worries.

Occasionally, boiler heating systems do experience malfunctions which can lead to a lack of heat in the home. If your boiler stops heating your home adequately, it’s time to call Nelson Comfort for boiler repair service. Our NATE-certified boiler technicians will inspect your system in order to accurately diagnose and repair your heating system.

Boiler failure can be caused by a number of problems. A few of the common boiler problems which lead to heating loss are:

Boiler ignition problems: If the boiler’s burners will not ignite, the system will not be able to heat water to warm your living spaces. A faulty igniter or gas line issue could be to blame. It is important that a professional inspect and repair burner and ignition issues, as there is a risk of carbon monoxide leaking as a result of these issues.

Heating element malfunction: If the system’s heating element malfunctions, the boiler will not be able to heat water within the system. The heating element must be repaired or replaced before the system can operate properly.

Circulator pump malfunction: The boiler’s circulator pump moves water from the boiler’s tank to the radiators throughout the home. Pump malfunctions prevent hot water from circulating throughout the system, so the system will not be effective in heating your home.

Thermostat problems: When a boiler isn’t heating a home properly, sometimes the problem isn’t the boiler at all. Thermostat malfunctions can prevent proper communication with the boiler. If your system isn’t working properly, always check the thermostat to make sure it has power and that the correct settings are in place.

Nelson Comfort offers 24/7 emergency boiler heating repair service to solve your boiler issues, day or night. Whenever you detect boiler performance issues, please call us right away for quick, reliable boiler service in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas.

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