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Why Is Water Dripping from My AC Vents?

Sep 6, 2016
Stop Leaking Vents | Nelson Comfort

Have you ever noticed moisture on your air conditioning vents, visible droplets of water falling from ceiling AC vents, or water stains surrounding a vent? It may seem weird that there could be a moisture issue coming from your vents, but dripping water and sweating AC vents is a sign of a duct system issue in your Cincinnati home or commercial building.

What Causes My AC Vents to Sweat

Condensation coming from your air supply is the moisture you see coming from your vents. Water vapor in the air condenses to form water droplets when cool air mixes with warmer air, and reaches its dew point.

As cool air flows through your vents into your living areas, it can be affected by different problems which cause the condensation you see at the vents.

  • Warm air can enter the duct system through air leaks, mixing with cool, conditioned air, causing moisture to condense.
  • Poorly insulated or uninsulated ductwork allows to air flowing through to rise in temperature until it reaches the dew point within the duct system.

Problems Caused by Condensation on AC Vents

When moisture condenses and forms water droplets within the ducts, a range of problems can occur. Moisture can accumulate within the duct system and around the vent, which can cause mold to grow within them. The water dripping from vents can also stain walls and ceilings, and damage drywall as well as woodwork. Moisture may also cause the vent itself to rust,

Fixing Leaking AC Vents

To prevent moisture in the air from condensing and leaving puddles behind around your air conditioning vents, the source of the issue must be fixed. Air leaks within the duct system should be sealed to prevent warmer air from entering the duct system. Improving insulation around the ductwork and adding insulation around the vent boot, the metal piece which connects the vent to the duct system, will allow the air supply to maintain stable temperatures while flowing through the duct system.

The NATE-certified cooling technicians of Nelson Comfort will correct your air conditioner vent issues right away to prevent damage to your Cincinnati home or business. Call us today to schedule service.

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