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Variable Speed Furnaces in Cincinnati

Feb 9, 2016
Variable Speed Furnace Experts | Nelson Comfort

As technology advances, heating systems are continually evolving, too. Equipment manufacturers are always developing new ways to incorporate technology to create superior equipment. One advancement that has shown a great ability to improve user comfort and reduce energy use is the variable speed furnace.

What is a variable speed furnace?

A conventional furnace utilizes a motor that runs at a single speed whenever the heating system is on. A variable speed furnace is built using an electronically-commutated motor, or ECM; this type of motor is capable of adjusting motor speeds automatically based on heating demand. When temperatures indoors only need to be raised a couple of degrees, the furnace can meet the demand while operating the motor at lower speeds, which conserves energy. When larger temperature increases are demanded, the motor operates at an increased speed.

Why use a variable speed furnace?

Home and business owners throughout Cincinnati have chosen to install variable speed furnaces to gain the many advantages they offer. These benefits include:

• Reduced energy costs: The furnace’s ability to adjust motor speed conserves energy; operating at lower speeds consumes less energy than operating at higher speeds.
• Quieter operation: A variable speed furnace initiates heating cycles at a slower pace than a conventional furnace, and the cycles also stop at a slower pace. This lowers the noise produced by the system.
• Better indoor air quality: As the variable speed furnace runs at a slower pace, it is capable of capturing more contaminants from the air supply, unlike a system that runs at one speed only.
• Longer system life. Lower operating speeds place less stress on the system, reducing the wear and tear that will lead to breakdowns. A variable speed furnace offers a longer service life than a conventional model.
• Even temperatures: Lower motor speeds mean the variable speed furnace can distribute warmth throughout the indoor spaces far more evenly than a single speed furnace, providing you with more even temperatures across all areas.

Let Nelson Comfort install a new variable speed furnace in your Cincinnati home or business which will allow you to keep warm efficiently! Call us today to learn more.

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