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Troubleshooting Common Winter Heat Pump Problems

Feb 2, 2017
Troubleshooting Heat Pump Problems | Nelson Comfort

Many home and business owners throughout the Cincinnati area use heat pumps to keep their homes and buildings comfortable in wintertime. When problems arise with the unit, most people’s first instinct is to call for professional service. Doing so is a great idea if you don’t feel comfortable troubleshooting your unit. If you do, try these troubleshooting tips for common winter heat pump problems before giving us a call – you may be able to restore heat faster and save yourself the service call.

Heat pump problem: heat pump is iced over

The exterior unit of your heat pump system is subjected to the elements throughout the winter. You may notice that some ice has accumulated on it – that’s normal, and your unit will take care of this problem itself by running a defrost cycle.

If your heat pump cannot rid itself of a large amount of ice, there are a few steps you should take to prevent damage.

  1. Clear away any snow that has accumulated around the heat pump.
  2. Look above the heat pump to ensure an ice dam or blockage in the guttering isn’t causing excess water to spill out and onto your unit. Correct any gutter issues to redirect water runoff.

Heat pump problem: constant cycling

As your home or building reaches the desired temperature, the heat pump cycles to provide warmth. When outdoor temperatures are extremely cold, the heat pump will usually run longer, near constantly. When temperatures are over 30, the unit should turn off between cycles. If the unit cycles continuously in warmer temperatures, it may be cause for concern.

  1. Check for ice and snow accumulation around the unit – if the unit is running a defrost cycle, it may seem as if it is running constantly.
  2. The connection to your thermostat may be faulty – check that all wiring is tight and that the thermostat settings are correct.

If you cannot correct your Cincinnati heat pump functioning issues, it’s time to call Nelson Comfort for quick, reliable repairs. Our service team is on-hand around the clock to correct your heating emergencies this winter.

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