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Set Your Cincinnati Thermostat Properly for Vacation

Jun 23, 2016
Programmable Thermostats | Nelson Comfort

When leaving the home for a big summer trip, many Cincinnati homeowners turn off their air conditioners in attempts to save money while they’re away. Yes, this strategy will save you money, but it’s not the best solution for the sake of your home, its contents, and any pets left home. Instead of shutting your air conditioner off, learn to set your thermostat smarter when you’ll be away.

Proper Thermostat Settings for Pets

If you have pets who will be left at home for the duration of your trip, protect them by leaving the air conditioner on. Cats and dogs will remain comfortable with indoor temperatures between 78 and 80 degrees.

Thermostat Settings for Plants

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, houseplants can survive indoors with temperatures around 85 degrees. Set your thermostat to 85 degrees to keep your plants healthy without wasting energy while you are away.

Settings to Protect Your Home

Shutting off your air conditioning completely while you’re away also isn’t good for your home. Without the air conditioner running, moisture can increase, causing humidity levels to climb indoors. This humidity can warp wood, drywall, and wall coverings. Delicate furnishings, artwork, and electronics can also be damaged when left in an extremely hot house over your vacation period.

Thermostat Solutions

One of the best ways you can protect your home while you’re away is to install a smart thermostat or Wi-Fi enabled programmable thermostat. With such a stat in place, you can access it easily from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop while you’re away. You’ll have the ability to adjust temperature settings remotely, which is convenient if you forgot to do so before leaving home. Gain peace of mind that your home and its contents are at a safe temperature through remote access, and rest assured that energy dollars will be saved.

Nelson Comfort can install a new programmable or smart thermostat which will make vacation setbacks a breeze! Call us to learn more.

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