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Where Do Refrigerant Leaks Happen?

Oct 4, 2016
Refrigerant Leak Repair | Nelson Comfort

Air conditioners should never need more refrigerant if they are working correctly. They are closed systems, so refrigerant should not be able to escape. Unfortunately, refrigerant leaks can occur which allow coolant to exit the system. Your air conditioner will need repaired to correct leaks and recharged to ideal refrigerant levels.

Signs of Refrigerant Leak

  • Air conditioner cycles longer than usual
  • Air coming from vents doesn’t feel very cool
  • Higher electric bills

Where Do Refrigerant Leaks Occur?

There are three areas within a cooling system where refrigerant leaks commonly pop up. When we inspect your air conditioning system for refrigerant leaks, we check the evaporator coils, condenser coils, and refrigerant line sets.

  • The capillary tubes of the system’s evaporator coils can vibrate during system operation. This vibration causes the tubes to rub against themselves or other components, leading to holes which allow refrigerant to leak. The leak can be stopped by replacing damaged capillary tubes.
  • The condenser coils have U-bends which are joined by tubular sheet metal. As the system runs, this tube rubs against the copper condenser coil tubes. Small holes can form which allow refrigerant to leak. The holes may be repaired, or the coils may be replaced to correct the leak.
  • Refrigerant line sets can be damaged by equipment such as weed whackers or lawn mowers, causing refrigerant leaks to form. Leaks may also form at the line sets’ joints or flare connections. A single leak may be repairable, but if numerous leaks or large leaks are present, replacing the line sets may be preferable.

If you suspect a refrigerant leak in your Cincinnati cooling system, call Nelson Comfort right away for repair. Our NATE-certified technicians are certified to recover refrigerant, repair leaking components, and recharge your cooling system with appropriate refrigerants. Contact us today to schedule repairs for your system.

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