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Is My Air Conditioner Leaking?

Aug 27, 2015
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We often get questions from homeowners about water leaking from the indoor portion of their air conditioning unit. This can occur due to various reasons, which we’ll discuss below. If you notice water pooling near the air conditioner’s indoor component, turn off your system immediately to prevent damage, and call us for professional diagnosis and repair.

The air conditioner’s evaporator coils are housed within the indoor AC unit. These coils facilitate heat exchange, cooling warm air as it flows over the coils. This creates condensation, which settles on the coils. Your air conditioning system should be able to effectively manage condensation, so if you notice water indoors, it’s a sign of a system issue.

What causes air conditioners to leak water inside?

1. Cracked or clogged drain pipes
Cracks and clogs in the drain pipe can lead condensation to back up. These issues are the most common cause when an air conditioner leaks water inside. A professional HVAC technician can safely and effectively remove clogs, or replace damaged drain lines.

2. Damaged drain pans
If your air conditioner’s drain pan is damaged, it can cause water to leak inside around the air conditioner. In older air conditioners, rust is commonly a factor. This issue can be resolved by installing a replacement drain pan.

3. Frozen evaporator coils
Your system’s evaporator coils can freeze up, leading to a buildup of ice on the coils. When this ice melts, you may find water leaking out around the unit because there is more water than the drain pan can hold at one time. Frozen evaporator coils are a serious issue, commonly caused by a dirty air filter which blocks airflow and causes coil temperature to drop, or low refrigerant which also causes the temperature of the coil to fall below freezing.

Even though the water leak indicates that your coils are thawing, you still need to have your air conditioning system looked at immediately, to resolve the cause of the issue and prevent damage to your system.

Is your air conditioner leaking water inside? Call Nelson Comfort today for quick, professional repair!

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