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Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors on Each Floor of Your Cincinnati Home

Feb 14, 2017
Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements | Nelson Comfort

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas which is produced by the combustion process some heating systems use to create warmth, and by other gas appliances in the home. Exposure to carbon monoxide is very dangerous and potentially deadly.

Gas furnaces and boilers are vented to allow carbon monoxide to safely exit the home, but malfunctions could cause it to back up inside. Since carbon monoxide is undetectable to humans, families rely on carbon monoxide detectors to alert them of the presence of this dangerous gas. One detector isn’t always enough – there should be one installed on each floor of your home.

Why Carbon Monoxide Detectors Are Needed for Each Level of a Home

Carbon monoxide detectors are needed on each floor of a home to best alert your family when carbon monoxide is present. In a two-story home with bedrooms upstairs, occupants may not hear a lower-level detector’s alarm overnight, leaving them vulnerable to carbon monoxide exposure.

Carbon monoxide mixes with the air which circulates throughout the home – it doesn’t rise as smoke does. If your home’s only carbon monoxide detector is upstairs but all gas appliances are downstairs, it will take longer for saturated air to reach upstairs while the area near the appliance may already have dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

In addition to placing a carbon monoxide detectors on each floor, it is recommended to also place them in rooms which contain gas-burning appliances. This will provide an early warning should the appliance malfunction, emitting carbon monoxide. To ensure everyone in the home hears the warning, it’s a smart action to place carbon monoxide detectors in every bedroom, too.

Ensure your family’s safety by placing carbon monoxide detectors on every level of your Cincinnati area home. Nelson Comfort’s skilled technicians will install CO detectors in appropriate locations, hardwiring them into your home’s electrical system for your protection. Contact us today to learn more.

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