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Humidity Levels Can Impact Your Cincinnati Cooling System

Aug 16, 2016
Humidity Control Experts | Nelson Comfort

We’ve experienced some pretty humid summer days here in the Cincinnati area so far this summer. You’ve likely spent time indoors, relaxing in comfort, thanks to your air conditioner – in addition to cooling, your air conditioner also works to eliminate excess humidity from the air inside your home. Most of the time, air conditioners do fine at this job in the Cincinnati climate, but during particularly humid periods, your system may struggle.

When outdoor humidity levels are high, your home or business’s air conditioner could be affected. Below are issues which can occur when humidity is high, as well as what you can do to prevent such problems.

High humidity could cause frozen coils

When outdoor humidity is high, there is a higher chance that your evaporator coils could freeze up, especially if your thermostat is at a lower set point and your system is running continuously. A frozen coil can be a symptom of a larger problem, such as restricted airflow – when there is a high volume of moisture in the air, humidity can collect on the coil and freeze. Frozen evaporator coils may also be a sign of refrigerant leaks.

High humidity could cause “water leaks”

Your air conditioner condenses water vapor in the air in order to remove it from your indoor air supply. During periods of high humidity, the level of runoff may be more than what your condensate drain can handle. Too much water or a clog in the drain line could cause moisture to spill out of the drip pan, and you may notice a puddle of water nearby which makes it look like your system is leaking.

Prevent humidity issues with proper maintenance

Some simple air conditioning system maintenance can help you avoid the above issues. In addition to scheduling annual preventative maintenance visits with our NATE-certified technicians, change your air filter on a regular basis to prevent airflow restrictions, and check and clean your condensate drain monthly over the summer.

If the Cincinnati summer’s high humidity is causing air conditioner trouble at your home or commercial facility, give us a call. The NATE-certified air conditioning technicians at Nelson Comfort will quickly correct any system issues so you can enjoy cool, comfortable temperatures indoors for the remainder of the summer season.

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