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Holiday HVAC for Your Cincinnati Ho-Ho-Home!

Nov 17, 2016
Holiday HVAC Tips | Nelson Comfort

The holiday season is upon us! Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah – no matter which holidays your family celebrates, it’s likely that food and fellowship are components of your celebration. As you prepare for guests in the home this holiday season or if you’ll be hosting the holiday meal, use these HVAC tips to keep everyone comfortable.

Set your thermostat lower

Body heat is a powerful thing – when your home is full of holiday guests, set back the thermostat up to 5 degrees to avoid overheating. If you’ll be cooking, the oven puts out a great deal of heat, too – you may want to turn back the thermostat for your own comfort as you prepare meals before guests arrive.

Adjust your fan blades

Set back your thermostat and keep guests cozy using your ceiling fan. Set your ceiling fan to rotate clockwise for the winter season; your fan will push warm air trapped up high back down, warming your rooms without turning up the heat.

Replace your furnace filter

Ensure your guests will breathe comfortably in your home by changing your furnace filter prior to their arrival. You’ll eliminate airborne allergens and improve airflow to keep your guests comfortable in more ways than one.

Use natural cleaners and air fresheners

To promote great indoor air quality in your home, stick to natural air fresheners and cleaners this holiday season. Of course you want your home to be spotless and smelling fresh, but toxic cleaners and air fresheners give off fumes which diminish indoor air quality.

Use exhaust hoods when cooking

Stovetop cooking can produce moisture and smoke. Expel these from the home by using your kitchen’s exhaust hood when preparing your holiday meals. This will improve air quality and prevent excess moisture from causing discomfort.

Remember – Nelson Comfort is available to help you with any holiday HVAC emergencies you experience! If your heater goes out in the middle of your celebration, don’t hesitate to call us for emergency holiday service!

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