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End-of-Summer Repairs for Cincinnati Air Conditioners

Jul 28, 2016
Cincinnati Fall HVAC Repairs | Nelson Comfort

Cincinnati air conditioners are put through the ringer over the summer season, running nearly around the clock to keep homes cool and comfortable. Due to this heavy use, your air conditioning system may require some repairs at the end of the season – here are a few that are commonly performed and why they are necessary.

Air Conditioner Capacitor Replacement

Your air conditioner’s capacitors work to start the system’s motors and keep them continually running. These components are sensitive to high heat environments; the hot Cincinnati summer may cut their lifespan, causing premature failure. If the cooling system motors which work to run the compressor or the fan fail, the capacitor may be to blame.

Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak Correction

Leaks present in the system’s copper refrigerant lines can cause the coils to freeze up. When lost from the system, leaking refrigerant will affect the system’s performance as well as pose a hazard to the environment. A certified HVAC technician can locate the system leak, correct it, and recharge your system with the proper refrigerant to make up for the lost amount.

Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning

Over the course of the summer, your air conditioner’s evaporator coil will come into contact with a great deal of grime and debris. When these contaminants stick to the coil, they reduce the coil’s ability to absorb heat – an essential part of the cooling process. Contaminant buildup on the coils may also be the cause behind them freezing. Your HVAC technician can safely unfreeze your cooling coils if necessary, and perform a thorough cleaning so that your evaporator coils will work efficiently next cooling season.

It’s best to take care of such issues at the end of the summer, rather than to wait until next spring. If you find your air conditioner needs some TLC near the end of the cooling season, call Nelson Comfort right away. Our NATE-certified air conditioner repair specialists will handle your repair needs quickly and professionally.

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