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Correcting Frozen Condensate Drains in Your Cincinnati Home

Jan 10, 2017
Frozen Condensate Drain Prevention | Nelson Comfort

Freezing temperatures can cause all sorts of issues for Cincinnati homeowners. Many think their furnaces are protected from cold weather problems, as they are housed indoors. While this is mostly true, the furnace’s condensate drain lines do run to the outdoors, and can freeze in cold weather.

Furnaces produce condensation during the combustion process. This condensation is removed from the system by the condensate drain line. When temperatures drop below zero, this line can freeze, preventing condensation from draining out and causing it to back up inside.

Thawing a frozen condensate drain line

If you find your condensate drain line has frozen up, there are some methods you can use to thaw it out.

  • Set a hot water bottle on the drain pipe, which will thaw the line.
  • Hand warmers or medical heat pads can be wrapped around the frozen pipe section to thaw it.
  • Pour warm water on the drain pipe to thaw ice. Never use boiling water!

Preventing frozen condensate lines

We can help you prevent frozen condensate lines is by shortening the drain line and insulating it, protecting your condensate drain line from exposure to freezing temperatures. Weatherproof sleeves are added to prevent the line’s temperature from dropping too low, causing ice to form. By shortening the line, it has less length, lessening its opportunity to freeze up.

When it snows, you should check your condensate drain line regularly. You don’t want the snow level to reach the drain’s position, as it can block the line, and lead to freezing. Shovel snow away from the drain line, taking care not to hit the drain pipe or damage it.

If you’re having problems with your condensate drain lines freezing this winter, contact us for tested solutions that will protect your drain lines from cold temperatures. For quick and reliable furnace repair in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas, call Nelson Comfort today. Our NATE-certified furnace repair technicians are available 24/7 to assist you.

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