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Common Geothermal Terms

Oct 20, 2015
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Shopping for a new geothermal heating and cooling system for your Cincinnati home or business can be confusing, especially if you are not familiar with the terminology. With many acronyms and equipment parts, decoding what you’re looking at can be difficult. Below, we’ve put together some easy to understand explanations of the geothermal logo you’re likely to come across.
Common Geothermal Acronyms

EER = Energy Efficiency Ratio

This ratio measures the amount of cooling a geothermal heat pump can provide versus the amount of energy it consumes to do so. Higher EERs equal higher efficiency levels.

COP = Coefficient of Performance

This ratio measures the amount of heating a geothermal heat pump can provide versus the amount of energy it consumes to do so. A higher COP means the unit offers higher efficiencies.
Common Geothermal Components


The compressor is a component of the geothermal heat pump which regulates the refrigerant’s temperature and pressure. It also lowers refrigerant volume to move it throughout the system, which transfers heat between the heat pump and your home. One stage and two stage compressors are available; two stage compressors are a more efficient choice.

Indoor Fan

The indoor fan is a component within the heat pump that pushes conditioned air through your duct work. Variable speed fans and single speed fans are available; variable speed fans are more efficient because they automatically control the fan’s speed to save energy.

Water Flow Controls

Water flows throughout the underground loop component of a geothermal system to transfer heat between the earth and your home. To do so, water is circulated through the ground loop and the heat pump, by the system’s water flow control. Variable speed and fixed speed controls are available; variable speed water flow controls offer improved energy conservation.

Electronic Controls

The brains of the heat pump, the system’s electronic controls receive signals from your thermostat and translate them into operating instructions. Communicating and non-communicating controls are available; communicating controls allow your heat pump to send information back to the thermostat and other communicating component, improving your efficiency and comfort.

Have questions about any of the geothermal terms mentioned above? Feel free to contact Nelson Comfort today for assistance as you select the perfect geothermal system for your Cincinnati home or business.

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