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Cincinnati Oil Furnace Repair & Replacement

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What are Oil Furnaces?

Oil furnaces burn heating oil in order to create heat for your Cincinnati home or business. This type of heating system performs well in cold weather climates and is an excellent choice for homeowners and business owners in the Cincinnati area.

An oil furnace operates similarly to the gas furnaces which most people are more familiar with. Heating oil is housed in a storage tank. When heating is called for, the heating oil is pumped to the oil furnace and converted into a mist. The oil mist is moved through the blast tube and is lit. Air is then warmed by the heat exchanger and combustion byproducts are safely vented through the system’s flue or chimney. Warm air is circulated through the duct system into the indoor living spaces to heat them.

Repair for Oil Furnaces

Oil furnaces sometimes experience performance issues, requiring repair. Such issues can cause the system to not heat the home or business effectively, consume more energy to operate, or result in failing to create heat at all. When these issues pop up, you should call for oil furnace repair right away.

The NATE-certified oil furnace repair technicians at Nelson Comfort strive to perform fast and accurate repairs to restore your heat sooner. Contact us night or day for emergency repairs when oil furnace problems arise at inconvenient times. We are committed to keeping you comfortable in the face of heating emergencies.

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Replacement for Oil Furnaces

Replacing an older or malfunctioning oil furnace can offer home and business owners several advantages. Newer oil furnaces offer increased efficiency compared to older models; plus, older equipment loses efficiency each year it is in service. Upgrading to a new oil furnace can resolve the performance issues you were plagued with due to a malfunctioning older model.

When it’s time to replace your oil furnace, contact the installation professionals at Nelson Comfort. Our NATE-certified oil furnace replacement team will do the job quickly and accurately, so you can reap the benefits of your new system right away.

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