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Cincinnati Media Air Cleaner Repair & Replacement

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The Benefits of Media Air Cleaners

Air cleaning is extremely important for Cincinnati homes, as the air indoors has a much higher concentration of pollutants without the natural ventilation that occurs outside. Ultraviolet air cleaners use UV energy to kill contaminants and prevent regrowth inside the home, the same way the Sun controls pollutants outdoors. Installing an ultraviolet air cleaner can provide you with the following benefits:

Cleaner air

Media air cleaners are far more efficient than standard furnace filters, with the ability to effectively remove pollutants much smaller in size. Mold spores, viruses, germs, bacteria, and other pathogens may exist in your home’s air supply; a media air cleaner removes them to limit your family’s exposure and improve your health.

Reduced allergy symptoms

With their superior air cleaning power, a media air cleaner can capture and remove more allergens from inside your home. They effectively remove common allergy triggers such as pollen, dander, smoke, dust mites, mold, and more. Fewer allergens equals fewer allergy triggers and symptoms, helping you control your allergies and feel comfortable at home.

A healthier family

Media air cleaners can also reduce the amount of bacteria and viruses in your home’s air supply. Removing these pathogens will limit your family’s exposure so you can maintain good health.

A more efficient HVAC system

Contaminants circulating through your home can build up in your heating and cooling equipment and limit air flow, which causes your HVAC systems to lose operating efficiency. Media air cleaners remove these contaminants so your HVAC equipment will operate at higher efficiency levels.

A cleaner house

Dirt, dust, and other debris are commonly found in the home. As air circulates through the home, these particles can get picked up and moved around, setting in other areas. Media air cleaners remove these particles, preventing them from traveling back into your living areas, keeping them cleaner.

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