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Can I Switch from Electric Heat to Gas Heat in Cincinnati?

Nov 22, 2016
Electric vs. Gas Comparison | Nelson Comfort

Natural gas heat is the most popular way to heat homes and businesses throughout the U.S., followed by electric heating. Many prefer gas for the reliable, cost effective warmth it provides. Many homes are equipped with electric heat, but switching to natural gas heat may offer great savings and improved comfort.

Is natural gas heat right for my home?

When determining if it is worth it to switch to gas heat from electric heat, you’ll need to look at a few factors:

What kind of electric heater do I have? Does your home or business use electric baseboard heaters, or do you have a forced air electric furnace? Gas heat will require ductwork – in homes without existing ductwork, the expense and infrastructure needs of installing new ductwork may make switching to natural gas impossible. But, if you already have ducts and they are in good shape, the switch to natural gas is simplified.

Does my home have gas lines? If your home is already set up to use gas appliances, converting to natural gas heat won’t be difficult. If your home is not connected to a natural gas utility, there will be some challenges. First, you’ll need to find out if natural gas lines are installed nearby and if you can connect to the system. Then, you’ll need to have a contractor install gas lines from the main into your home – this project can cost thousands in addition to the price of a natural gas furnace.

While natural gas does offer great comfort, the infrastructure changes needed to support gas heat may not be worth it. Before making the switch from electric heat to natural gas heat, decide if your home or business has the capacity to support the system without great expense.
If you are interested in switching from electric to gas heat, Nelson Comfort will be happy to assist you with your conversion. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to see if gas heat is right for your Cincinnati home or business.

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