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Boiler Noises To Listen For In Your Cincinnati Home or Business

Jan 14, 2016
Business & Home Boiler Noises | Nelson Comfort

While boiler heating systems can break down without warning, they often give off signs which indicate that failure may be in the future. Certain noises the system produces can be a warning sign that the system isn’t operating properly and is in need of repair. If you hear any of the following noises coming from your Cincinnati boiler, please call us right away for repair!

Boiler noises: Kettling and Rumbling

A boiler that is kettling produces a noise that sounds just like a teapot does when water is boiling inside of it. In boiler heating systems, kettling occurs when lime scale has become caked on the unit’s heat exchanger. This problem is more common in systems which use hard water.
Lime scale buildup prevents water from moving through the heat exchanger properly, causing your boiler system not to function properly. A boiler technician can strip your heat exchanger of lime scale, or replace the heat exchanger altogether if it has been damaged beyond repair.

You may notice a rumbling sound coming from your boiler system before you hear the distinct whistling of kettling. Rumbling can be a sign of kettling, or oil pump issues in boiler systems which burn heating oil for fuel.

Boiler noises: Gurgling

In Cincinnati homes and businesses using boiler heating systems, gurgling may be heard throughout the structure. The gurgling sound is made when air bubbles move throughout the boiler lines in the building. Air in the system can restrict the system’s performance, causing it to produce uneven heat. A boiler technician can remove the unnecessary air from the boiler system to end the gurgling noise and improve heating performance.

When you hear the boiler noises above, be sure to call Nelson Comfort as soon as possible for quick boiler repairs you can count on! Our NATE-certified boiler specialists are on call 24/7 to serve Cincinnati home and business owners.

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