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Benefits of a Whole Home Dehumidifier

Sep 24, 2015
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When humidity levels soar, your air conditioner just cannot keep up with the dehumidification needs of your home. You’ll be left feeling clammy, and you may notice moisture on surfaces and musty odors in the home. Installing a whole home dehumidifier is the best way to combat high indoor humidity levels to keep your home safe and your family comfortable.

How Whole Home Dehumidifiers Work

A whole home dehumidifier uses its fan to draw air into the unit. The air is passed across the unit’s chilled coil. Contact with these coils causes the excess moisture to collect on them, removing moisture from the air. The air is then recirculated through the HVAC system or into the home, depending on how the dehumidifier is installed.

Benefits of a Whole Home Dehumidifier

Utilizing a whole home dehumidifier offers many benefits for homeowners, including:

• Energy Savings: Using a dehumidifier helps you reduce the amount of cooling energy your home uses. When air is less humid, it feels cooler. With a dehumidifier, you’ll find you don’t need to run your air conditioner as often, allowing you to conserve energy and save money.

• Improved Air Quality: By reducing the amount of moisture in the air, dehumidifiers improve your indoor air quality. The can lessen the concentration of allergens and other problematic contaminants that may trigger respiratory symptoms and cause you to feel uncomfortable.

• Mold Protection: Too much moisture in your home’s air supply can create indoor conditions which are ideal for mold growth. Mold can damage the structure of your home and your personal items, and exposure can be quite hazardous to your health. A whole home dehumidifier works to keep moisture levels throughout the home within the appropriate range to prevent mold growth.

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