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Attic Fans for Cincinnati Homes

Feb 2, 2016
Install An Attic Fan In Your Home | Nelson Comfort

If you have an attic fan installed in your Cincinnati home, you probably use it quite frequently in the summertime to keep your indoor spaces cooler — but did you know that running your attic fan in the winter offers benefits, too? Below are some of the ways operating your attic fan in the winter can help you!

What is an attic fan?

Attic fans are used to ventilate the attic areas of the home. In the summertime, they work to cool the area, pulling in cooler air through vents and expelling hot air outdoors to keep spaces cooler. Running them in the winter also helps homeowners keep their homes protected.

Winter attic fan benefits

1. An attic fan offers moisture control

Moisture in the home builds up as a result of many daily activities, such as showering or doing the laundry. The moist, warm air will rise up to the attic, where it meets cold air in the unconditioned space. When this happens, the moisture in the air will condense, and collect in the attic on woodwork, insulation, and other construction elements. Too much moisture in the attic can rot wood and cause mold to grow, damaging your home and posing health risks.
When you run your attic fan in the winter, this excess moisture will be expelled out of the home, preventing damage.

2. An attic fan can prevent ice dams

As warm air rises in the winter, the warmer temperatures in your attic can cause rooftop snow and ice to melt. As the water runoff moves downward to your home’s gutters and eaves where it is colder, it can refreeze and accumulate, creating blockages known as ice dams which prevent the continuous runoff from draining properly. Instead, this water can back up into your roof’s shingles, causing leaks and damaging the structure of your roof, ceilings, insulation, and walls.

Running your attic fan in the winter will equalize temperatures between the attic and outdoors. This keeps temperatures inside your attic lower and more consistent to prevent the melting of rooftop snow which could lead to ice dams.

Protect your home this winter and gain comfort benefits in the summer with an attic fan. Have the experts at Nelson Comfort install a new attic fan in your Cincinnati home today — call us to learn more!

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