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Air Conditioning Installation is Important in Cincinnati Ohio

Jun 20, 2018
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During the end of Spring and beginning of Summer it’s highly important to make sure your AC is working properly. Cincinnati temperatures will continue to rise over the next few months, so in order to keep your air conditioner in great working shape, take the time to perform a few key early-summer air conditioner maintenance tasks. In this article you will read about air conditioning installation in Cincinnati Ohio.

Air Conditioning Installation in Cincinnati Ohio

Feel like you’ve heard this a few times from us already this summer? In Cincinnati, it’s important to do a filter change. It’s so critical for maintaining system performance – plus, changing the filter is a quick and easy task most anyone can handle! Operating your air conditioner with a dirty filter restricts airflow and causes the system to work hard to cool your home or business; resulting in wear to your system and increased electric bills.

Most filters should be replaced every three months, but check the manufacturer’s recommendation for guidance regarding your specific furnace filter. Throughout the summer, make sure to inspect your filter about once per month, as during this season, the system is used heavily and the filter may need to be changed a bit sooner.

Watch out for Condensation

In addition to cooling air, your air conditioner removes quite a bit of moisture from the indoor air supply. This moisture is drained out of the system via the condensate drain line. If the drain line is clogged, condensation can back up, which can lead to water damage to your home, mold growth, and damage to your cooling system.

Check your system’s condensate drain monthly throughout the summer to verify moisture is effectively draining away from the unit. Water around the unit or standing water in the unit’s drip pan is often indicative of a clog; you can attempt to clear the clog yourself using a wet/dry vacuum or a stiff wire. Stubborn clogs may require professional assistance to resolve.

Clean your condenser

Mulch, grass clippings, and other outdoor debris are ever-present during the summer, and can build up on your outdoor condenser, restricting airflow through the unit. Nearby vegetation and weed growth can also prevent the system from operating effectively; buildup on and around the condenser forces your unit to work harder and consume more energy to facilitate cooling.
Gently clear debris off your unit using a vacuum or soft brush after mowing or as needed throughout the summer. Weed the two-foot area surrounding the condenser and do not plant shrubs or flowers in this zone, or store outdoor items too close.

If you have questions about these early Summer air conditioner maintenance tasks, call Nelson Comfort today!

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