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About Air Conditioner Refrigerant In Cincinnati

May 24, 2016
Cincinnati Refrigerant Experts | Nelson Comfort

Central air conditioning systems utilize refrigerant to aid in the cooling process. The refrigerant is a chemical compound which changes from liquid to vapor in order to facilitate heat exchange, an essential process for cooling your home. While the average homeowner doesn’t need a detailed knowledge of air conditioner refrigerant, there are a few things you should know.

Refrigerant should stay in the system

Air conditioner refrigerant remains within your cooling system. It cycles through the compressor, condenser coils, metering device, and evaporator coils to remove heat from the home and release it outdoors.

If refrigerant is escaping your cooling system, there is a leak present. You will need a qualified HVAC technician to seal the leak and recharge the system, replenishing refrigerant levels to where they need to be.

Symptoms which may indicate an air conditioning refrigerant leak include:

• Your home takes longer to cool down
• You feel lukewarm air coming from your supply registers
• You see ice forming on the refrigerant line
• You hear a hissing sound coming from your air conditioner

What type of refrigerant do I need?

When your technician fixes your system leak, they will also recharge your system with an appropriate refrigerant so that it will work properly. Older system use R-22 refrigerant, commonly known as Freon. This type of refrigerant is currently being phased out in favor of a more environmentally friendly alternative, R-401A.

Newer systems are manufactured to use this type of refrigerant, and Freon is becoming harder to come by for system recharging. If you have an older cooling system that is experiencing trouble, it may be the right time to consider installing a newer, more environmentally safe cooling system for your Cincinnati home or business.

The NATE-certified air conditioner technicians at Nelson Comfort are specially trained to handle air conditioner refrigerants safely. If you suspect a refrigerant leak, please give us a call right away to schedule service.

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